Piemonte Share Festival, the Italian art fair of electronics, digital art and new media, announces the theme for its 10th consecutive Share Prize: Sincerity

This twelfth edition of the festival will be led by artistic director Bruce Sterling, American author, journalist, editor and critic.
Our electronic network society has many virtues, but opacity, deceit and obscurantism are among its vices.   For 2017, Share Festival raises its lantern of Diogenes to search for technical artworks that are honest.

How can a work be technically accomplished, yet also lucid, clear and trustworthy?
How can art works gracefully remove the smoke-and-mirrors of mystification and make an art of explaining themselves?
How can technology art treat the audience with justice, fairness and respect for their civilized intelligence?
Who has the emotional courage to privilege the heartfelt confession over the domination of digital craft?

From 16th January to 12th March entries can be submitted for the prize using the online registration form at the bottom.
An international panel of judges will short-list six nominees for the prize which will be invited to participate in the usual exhibition of Share Festival, to be held in Turin in the end of May 2017.

The names of the short-listed finalists will be announced in the beginning of April 2017. The international jury will be announced by the end of January 2017.

Stay tuned!



A bit of history of the festival

“Piemonte Share Festival is an annual event held in Torino-Italy, dedicated to contemporary art and culture in all its global dimensions and interconnections with the Internet and new media.”

Share Festival was founded in 2005 by Chiara Garibaldi and by Simona Lodi. The festival is produced and organised by the cultural association The Sharing.

Every year a main theme, which gives the title to the exhibition, lead the entire event with exhibitions, video reviews, in-depth lectures, symposia, workshops, performance.

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Share Festival Editions

The aim of the Prize

“The aim of the Share Prize is to discover, promote and support contemporary art in our global and digital age.”

The competition is open to all artists that explore issues concerning our society today, in which globalisation and the pervasive reach of technology and new media have become the object of artistic interest, against a backdrop of continuing, non-stop change.

The Share Prize was launched in 2007 as a cornerstone of the Share Festival, held in Torino-Italy.

The cultural intent of the Share Prize is to make the Share Festival open and accessible to all artists.

A jury of experts is tasked each year with short-listing six finalist works and selecting the winner.

Piemonte Share Festival announces the IX edition of the Share Prize , an international competition that promotes and supports contemporary art in the digital age .

It will be hosted in Casa Jasmina and FabLab Torino in partnership with Officine Arduino.

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Share Prize Editions